112 East Innes was built as a saloon, complete with a wooden front porch and hitch posts, with attached billiards hall in the rear. The upstairs portion served as living and entertainment space. 


W.A. Brown purchased the building and it became "Brown's Market" in 1919. It  served as a butcher shop in the front and he used the original billiard's hall in the rear as the work space for his fledgling refrigeration business that has become a major employer and success story for over a 100 years.  


114 East Innes existed since the early 1880's as a barber shop. It was rebuilt circa 1924 as a two story building housing a barber shop downstairs and a short-stay boarding house upstairs. The barber shop operated into the 1950's, and it has served as a paint store, podiatrist office, and jewelry store.  

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